Trinity Forest Golf Club near Dallas

Trinity Forest Golf Club was created by Bill Shankwitz and his wife, Beth, some thirty years ago. It is a private golf course that has won several awards. In fact, Bill Shankwitz has won the Futures Trading Awards three times. He and his wife have maintained the privacy of their course throughout the years and are not overly involved with the marketing and membership sales. Because of this, they remain unknown to most people in North America.

The location is a par four golf course. This particular course is suited for players of all skill levels. No matter how good a golfer you might be, there is always something to challenge you on this challenging course. The Trinity Forest Golf Course is known as a par three golf course, but does have par five and par eight. Because of the challenging courses, many golfers consider it to be one of the best golf courses in Texas.

The golf course itself is not very challenging; however, the terrain can be challenging due to the constant changes in elevation. This causes players to use more than one club and often ends up in a position to use two or more clubs at a time. This adds an element of difficulty to the game. As one approaches the halfway round of the eighteen holes, the terrain changes dramatically and starts to give the feel of a large natural landfill. Once the half way round is complete, the landscape once again becomes more natural looking with rolling hills and pine trees.

The Trinity Forest Golf Club was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright designed the Grand Hotel in Dallas for the World Trade Center, so you can imagine what kind of quality this facility will offer. When you are considering a golf vacation, the first thing you should do is find a golf course and this golf course is one of the best in Dallas. When you arrive at the venue, you will notice the tranquility that surrounds the greens. No matter if you want to explore the dale or simply play a round of golf, you will enjoy your stay at the Trinity Forest Golf Club.

One of the most exciting features of the trinity forest golf club is the natural lake that is surrounded by the greens. This lake provides a sheltered area for players to practice their games. If you are looking for an area that offers a challenging course, the Trinity Forest Golf Club may be the right course for you. The course offers both men and women’s golfing opportunities and the course is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned players. You will enjoy playing on the fairways with trees providing shade as you make your way to the hole.

Throughout the course there are several challenges that will keep you coming back to this Dallas golf course. The eighteen-hole course has a par of 6, making it suitable for all levels of golfers. As you begin your round, the first thing that you will notice is the lush green landscape. Since this course is on the grounds of a natural lake, the water helps to create a comfortable playing environment. In addition, the water makes the course more challenging since you can’t see the other clubs in your group.

The Trinity Forest Golf Club’s second course, known as the Silverado Trail, offers players a challenging second shot experience. This challenging par three course is also located on the grounds of a natural lake. Another great feature of the golf course is its layout. It has three distinct segments that allow players to take a different shot each hole. Due to the design of the course, it requires more precision than many other courses in the world-class golfing arena.

The last two holes on the course are particularly challenging due to the elevation. The course is also made of a difficult par three course known as the Silverado Trail, which includes two bunkers and two trees. At one time, there was a plan to convert this section of the course to a mini golf course, but that plan was eventually dropped. With the amount of abuse the course gets each year, it’s hard to see why they still want to convert it.

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