Sundown Municipal Golf Course near Sundown

The Sundown Municipal Golf Course at the Sundown Municipal Golf Course in Sundown, Texas offers players the option to play on a nine-hole or seven-hole course. The nine-hole course has a total of 4, 116 yards of golf holes with three different par numbers. The course has a slope of aboutonite around the green where it is possible to find water. There are also bunkers and sand traps throughout the course. The course was originally built by the Sundown Country Club and is one of the oldest golf courses in all of Texas.

On the premises of the Sundown Municipal Golf Course is an eighteen-hole championship course that features a par of 3. This course has been played at the Sundown Country Club since its inception in 1977. The last championship came during the 2021 Open Championship for the men’s division. During the event, the team from the Sundown Municipal Golf Course defeated the team from the Texas Revolution by a score of 15-seed. Due to this, the club is working hard to come up with a new nine-hole championship course for the 2021 season.

During the off season, the golf course will offer players the option of renting golf equipment at a discount. The club has worked with several different companies such as Titleist, Ping andzuco USA to offer special deals to their clients. The deals include lower than normal premiums, and the use of the company’s green. All players must bring a driver and a putter for the course.

In order to insure a player’s place at the Sundown Municipal Golf Course, they must pay an additional golf greens fee. This fee is required for players that qualify for the Masters or Women’s divisions. In addition to the greens fee, players must also pay an entrance fee. If a player doesn’t pay the greens fee, they will be counted as an enrolled and be forced to pay an additional greens fee. There are certain times during the year when the course has a lack of greens fee, such as the college spring break, but these are only offered in extremely rare instances.

Located near the community of Blairsville, just across the street from the Blairsville Airport, the golf course is one of the finest courses in the city. Even though it is only a small portion of the city, there is plenty of space for the golfers to practice their game. The golf course has a number of different sizes for playing on. It is possible to either tee off right behind the green or on the left side of the fairway. Either option is very convenient to any resident of the area.

Because it is so close to the airport, the city and its residents benefit from the constant business that the golf course brings to the city. Many people fly in for their weekend getaways, and those who stay longer visit the course during the week to practice their game. There are even tournaments held on the course from time to time. There are nine holes with two hundred and fifty feet of elevation. This creates an opportunity to work up a quick handicap.

The greens at Sundown Municipal Golf Course are in excellent condition. The course has received much needed attention and maintenance from the city in order to keep it in top shape. The professionals that play on the course are always happy to share the knowledge they have about the course with the public. Due to the fact that there are many professional players that frequent the golf course, the players are kept aware of the current conditions of the course.

The city is proud of its course and has taken an active role in maintaining it. This is evident by the numerous awards that are given out at competitions that are held on the course. The Sundown Golf Course has won the City of Sundown’s “Gold” title multiple times. This makes it one of the most well-known courses in the area. This recognition for an award that is freely given is a testament of how well the course is maintained and loved by all who enjoy playing golf in the Sundown area.

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