Rainbow’s End Golf Club near Dunnellon

As many golfers already know, the Rainbows End Golf Club is one of the most unique clubs in all of the industry. This particular club was originally created by John Pierrakos for his friend Tom Watson. John Pierrakos had purchased this particular golf club after Tom Watson had expressed some interest in using one. It is safe to say that the idea for creating this unique and interesting club was based on the fact that both men enjoyed playing the game of golf.

John Pierrakos knew that there were several clubs available that are designed for golfers who enjoy hitting a ball with a lot of direction and speed. He felt that he could make a unique club that offers this type of play while allowing other golfers to enjoy the same game he does. John Pierrakos ultimately decided that he would like to be able to design and build a golf club that has two completely different elements.

One of these elements is the club head which has two different ends. On one end of the club head is a “short iron” that offers great distance. On the other end of this club head is “long iron” that offers more power and a great deal of control. The idea behind the development of the Rainbows End Golf Club was to offer this combination of different club heads for all of the different playing styles that different players would bring to the game. It is clear that this club was primarily designed to help experienced players at all levels. However, today this unique club is being used by many new and advanced players as well.

Another unique feature of the Rainbows End Golf Club is that it features a finger guard which allows the player to grip the club tighter. This feature alone has helped to lower the average club head speed that most players tend to use. With a tighter grip, you can take your shot with maximum confidence. When you are playing with less than optimal grips, your ball flight tends to be more consistent with unpredictable results.

As mentioned above, there are two sets of club heads on each end of the club. These sets of club heads are not interchangeable like most other golf club heads. Each set of club heads is unique and has its own purpose. The benefit of having two different sets of club heads is that each player can choose the one that they feel most comfortable with, while still being able to use all of the clubs in their bag at once. It’s a great way to expand your options for the course and for practice.

One of the most unique features of the Rainbows End Golf Club is that the “short irons” are tipped in order to make a “short game”. Many other golf club manufacturers have the short irons tipped the other direction, away from your target. This is done in an effort to keep the ball in the air longer, which will help to maximize distance. The Rainbows End clubs are tipped in the opposite direction, to help you hit the ball more softly, which will help you hit the ball harder and farther. This is the unique design of these golf club heads.

Another great benefit of using this club is the weight. The average Golf club is around eighty pounds, and the Rainbows End Club is only fifty-six ounces, making it easier to carry and easier to handle during a game. The shaft is also lighter and thinner due to the tip that is made to keep the ball in the air longer.

The Rainbows End clubs are truly unique and provide a new dimension to the game of golf. Each design and head are a one of a kind, and you can’t get another brand like them. Even if you do have another brand of clubs, the uniqueness of these clubs makes them so much better that any other clubs on the market. You simply cannot go wrong when you play with a set of these.

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