Pearsall Disc Golf Course near San Antonio

Pearsall Disc Golf Course is located right in Pearsall, Alabama. The first Pearsall Disc Golf Course was built by Bill Pearsall back in 1950. This is a relatively new course. There are two courses, but are hopeful of adding a third.

Right off the bat, the first thing that impresses visitors to this Pearsall Disc Golf Course is the course’s name, which is a combination of two words: Peasfield and Disc Golf. The first hole, which is a nine-hole course, starts out with a player’s package that is like an old-fashioned fairway, with sand and an incline. At the end of this long, sloping path, the player will see the second hole, which is a three-foot wide, enclosed basket. This is where many players pack for their round. The basket is built with some sort of brick oven, just like they use at an outdoor pizza place.

Just as you arrive at the Pearsall Park Inn, which is also known as the Pearsall Disc Golf Course, you’ll see the largest dog on the course. This dog, named Cash, weighs about forty pounds and is extremely strong. He runs on a treadmill and plays fetch. While he may seem large, he’s actually one of the fastest dogs on the course. If you want to get a close look at Cash, you can visit the San Antonio International Airport and look for a large dog to run past you.

Just a short drive away from Cash, you’ll find the San Antonio International Airport, where the tourney is hosted. Another short drive down the road, you’ll find the Jack Rebacher Disc Golf Course, which also hosts the annual San Antonio tourney. Jack Rebacher is known as one of the “old school” tourney pros, working solely with metal. He has won the PGA tournament six times and is tied for the most titles in the history of the tourney with Mike Weir.

After visiting the Pearsall Park Inn, the next stop on your tour of the city should be the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. This is where the annual Spring Tourney is held. This is where many of the local high end companies in town to attend. This is also where most players list their companies. The San Antonio tourney has been known to attract some big names in the golfing community, like Rocco Mediate, Ray Dewayne, Aaron Baddeley, and many others.

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the course, and the crowds at certain events at the Pearsall Park Inn, you can make your plans to come to the Majestic Golf Course, run by the Pro Player Network. This course was built by none other than Bobby Jones, who is an eight time Major Tour golfer. It has also won eighteen Tours de France, making it a crowd favorite. The players pack into the Majestic on a regular basis, due to the popularity of the course.

While you are in town, you might also want to check out the Alamo City Open, which starts on April 3rd and goes until June 6th. The eighteen-hole championship course is considered one of the hardest in the state. The only two alternated holes start with a one shot penalty. You will also have to get your own equipment, which is usually kept behind the bag truck by the tourney staff. Food is also served at three of the four restaurants in the area.

A few hours north of San Antonio is the new golfing community of McAllister. Built on over seven thousand acres of land, the city is known for its luxurious homes, golf courses, and fine dining. The McAllister Golf and Country Club have a driving range that will allow you to practice your strokes or hit some practice shots under the supervision of a professional tourney organizer. With plenty of nearby golf courses (including two in San Antonio), you may want to take a day or two to enjoy the relaxing, peaceful atmosphere while preparing for your next round.

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