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Palmilla Beach Golf Club is nestled on the banks of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Prior to 2021, Palmilla Beach Golf Club had been an 18 hole oasis which has been carved out of the sands and sculpted into a beautiful natural terrain which is still carving out into the dunes today. It was the first total ocean-side golf club in Texas and the very first Arnold Palmer oasis in the United States. Palmilla Beach is nestled on what used to be an old sea shore line which connected the present day New Orleans with the Mississippi Delta. The course is called the Desert Course because the fairways and greens are set in a desert background. The bunkers and hazard shots are located in the desert here.

The most famous course layout is one called the Palmilla Beach Golf Club, which was designed by none other than Arnold Palmer himself back in 1960. This nine-hole public golf course is open to players at all skill levels and is divided into two parts. The first part is a putting green, which features two difficult holes that incorporate water hazards. The second section is the par seventy-one fairway which include two tree-dotted holes which take off for rolling ball approaches and then return to the fairway for a tighter finish.

The Desert Course at Palmilla Beach Golf Club is composed of three par four’s, which are situated on a large sand expanse which features bunkers and trees as well as sand traps and water hazards. The green markers are placed on the fairways which are curved and tapering. This course is suitable for novice golfers who want to practice their swings and those who want to perfect their short games. It offers players a chance to practice their chipping and putting in an easy environment.

The second course at Palmilla Beach Golf Club is the St. Lucie River course, which was built as a memorial to the legendary golfer. Built as a scenic links-style course, the eighteen-hole fairway is complemented by two bridges which connect the second course to the par three bunkers. The two greens feature different greens featuring different lengths. The par three is complemented by the par four which features three distinct holes. The links-style course also has a spillway which cleans the course when it rains.

The St. Lucie River course is suitable for those who prefer to play on natural surfaces. The eighteen-hole golf course is constructed of unique terrain which includes volcanic outcrops, along with native plant life. This is a favorite among tourists as they can view alligators, crocodiles, turtles and deer while playing golf. The eighteen-hole fairway incorporates rolling fairways that are easy for players to manage. There are also sand traps and water hazards, which need to be watched when using a golf cart. Another exciting feature of the par three golf course is that it slopes towards the clubhouse.

The Palmilla Beach golf club’s par four course is built on a unique lake which provides varying degrees of elevation. This allows players to choose between short holes and long ones depending on their skill level. The holes alternate between types of contours including smooth greens. There are water hazards that come in handy when players are trying to put in the extra yardage for their score. The club house at the St. Lucie River course houses several guest facilities which includes a restaurant, bar, and several television sets.

The eighteen-hole, links-style course at Palmilla Beach Golf Club is built on a large waterbody which allows the player to practice their strokes even on water. The links-style course is one of Palmilla’s most popular because of its scenic views. The course is built on sand, which can be hit with a golf club or shot across a pond. The green area is surrounded by many trees, so players do not have to worry about seeing any wild animals while playing this course. The eighteen-hole, links-style course at Palmilla Beach Golf Club includes rolling fairways that are easy for players to manage.

The eighteen-hole, par four courses at Palmilla Beach Golf Club features bunkers and sand traps for the course player to master. The club house at the St. Lucie River course includes a restaurant, bar, and several television sets. This golf course is one of the most scenic courses in Palmilla Beach. It offers players scenic views as they play. It is the perfect location for a family event or an evening with your friends.

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