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Lajitas Golf Resort is nestled on America’s most scenic stretch of shoreline. You’ll feel like you’ve gotten far away from it all as you sunbathe and stroll along its multicolored sands. The friendly atmosphere, top-notch service and delicious meals make Lajitas a great choice for weekend getaways or extended vacations. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, the Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa are perfect for learning some new skills or simply relaxing. Your stay doesn’t stop when you leave.

Each day of your stay begins and ends at your charming abode away from home. In Lajitas Golf Resort, as in many of the hotels and lodges throughout Rio Grande Valley, you have the option to choose from simple, single-family cabins to luxurious multi-family dwellings perfect if you’re traveling with family or friends. Each style of lodging comes with a coffee and tea maker, cable TV, heat and air conditioning, a mini refrigerator, free daily newspaper, a miniature refrigerator, a ceiling fan, a minibar, and complimentary bottled water, so you’re never stuck eating the same meal twice. What better way to start or end your vacation than enjoying good food and relaxing in a beautiful setting?

As you begin your trip, you’ll also want to check into a convenient transportation option from your Lajitas Golf Resort. Most hotels provide shuttle service to and from the airport, and you’ll want to schedule this transportation before you arrive at your hotel. The cost of a taxi ride will be minimal when you consider the amount of time you’ll save by riding the shuttles instead of driving yourself. Plus, there’s a great selection of taxis in Rio Grande Valley, which will ensure that everyone getting around from your Lajitas Golf Resort has access to a safe, timely, comfortable ride.

While at your Lajitas Golf Resort you may also want to visit Terlingua. Terlingua is the next town on the tour route of the Rio Grande Valley Tour, and it’s located right on the border of Texas and Mexico. When you travel out of Lajitas Golf Resort, make sure to stop in Terlingua and see why so many tourists come here. Terlingua is a world-class tourist destination, teeming with natural wonders such as coves and rivers, stunning sand dunes, historical ruins, modern architecture, beautiful cactus and brush parks.

Just down the road from your lajitas golf resort you’ll find the Terlingua National Park and the Lajitas State Park, both of which offer plenty to do and see while on vacation. The Terlingua National Park features a giant tunnel where visitors can walk through it and see the animals as they come into the park from the ocean. The Lajitas State Park features hiking, biking, Jeep tours, boat rides, and a butterfly house. This park is also popular among bikers, who can tour along the rim trails along the Lajitas River and into the Big Bend National Park, one of the largest and deepest natural parks in the United States.

Just north of Lajitas Golf Resort is the Lajitas National Park, which is open to visitors seven days a week. It has a lot to offer, including the Lajitas Wildflower Center where you can view hundreds of flower species. In addition to the flowers, the Lajitas State Park has a campground, picnic areas, nature trails, and swimming areas. The Lajitas National Park and the Lajitas Golf Resort are a great place for couples, families, or groups of friends to go on a romantic vacation. You can also visit Big Bend National Park, which is a four-day drive from Lajitas Golf Resort; this trip gives you the chance to view some of the most beautiful scenery in Texas.

If you prefer to play a game of golf during your stay at Lajitas Golf Resort and Lajitas State Park, there are over forty golf courses in all of the park. These courses range from the easy going Pine Haven Resort and Spa, which are situated in the heart of the park, to the Copper Canyon Springs Resort and Spa, which are on the stunning Big Bend Ranch property. As you would expect, Big Bend Ranch is one of the most popular golf courses in Texas, because it offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and is only two and a half miles from downtown Rio Grande Valley. Another course on the premises is the Cedar Springs Resort and Spa, which offers both men’s and women’s golf courses. This resort is also located within walking distance to the Rio Grande and has many restaurants and nightlife options.

While you are on your round of golf, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city as well as the scenic Texas landscape. You will be able to visit Lajitas Golf Resort and discover why this golf resort is one of the top choices among golfers. You may also want to visit the Rio Grande Valley Largest State Park, which is close by if you are looking for an outdoor activity that is not too strenuous. There are also the Cedar Springs RV Resort and Spa, which feature over thirty cabins for overnight stays. The resort also features a driving range and golf lesson store where you can learn more about golfing in the area.

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