Indian River Preserve Golf Club near Mims

“The ultimate golf destination” – Visit Indian River Preserve Golf Club in Florida for an adventurous day of golfing. Located in Indian River, Florida, just across the Bracknellline in Sarasota. “A perfect place for a break”. Traveling on a golf vacation in Indian River Preserve Golf Club is the best choice you can make to relax and unwind.

“A top-notch course with a challenge” – Travelers to Indian River preserve golf club in Sarasota will experience “the big-wave of golf.” Located on the banks of the Indian River, the golf course is designed for both experienced and beginner’s golf players. Beginners can enjoy an easy going nine hole course without a lot of hazards. Experienced players can practice their skills and confidence by taking part in different tournaments like the Florida State Open or the International Tour Golf tournament. Top-notch courses, breathtaking scenery, and fine dining make Indian river preserve golf club a sought after destination for a golf vacation.

“A new experience with a great view” – No one would forget the views from Indian River preserve golf course. This 18-hole golf course offers spectacular views of the Indian River and the bay of Tampa. The course is built on a natural footpath which makes it even more enjoyable for visitors. The course is also surrounded by lush tropical landscaping and the clubhouse offers a spacious environment for entertaining. Besides, there is the restaurant that offers a variety of cuisines.

“A relaxing getaway” – The ambiance and the beautiful surroundings add up to create a perfect place for relaxing. Located near the Indian River and the Hillsborough River, the golf club at the Indian River preserve has a lot of tranquility to offer to visitors. The ambiance and the surrounding nature have made this a preferred choice for those who want a tranquil atmosphere for a vacation. Not to mention, this is one of the most popular golf clubs in Florida.

“A fun-filled course” – Golf lovers can enjoy the fun-filled Indian River preserve golf club. Located on the banks of the Indian River, the course is constructed with a mixture of natural and man-made obstacles. The course’s layout has holes that range from easy and challenging ones to difficult ones. The challenging holes include putting and chipping greens that can be tackled by beginners.

“A place where professionals go” – The Indian River preserve golf club is a preferred location for professional players. Most professionals prefer this course because it provides challenges that they cannot find anywhere else. Professionals like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have maintained their playing prowess here. The courses are also designed by some of the top professionals in golf, making it a venue where you can improve your game.

“A challenging course” – This course has a very challenging layout. The difficulty of the course increases the more you play it. The difficulty level of the 18 holes contains nine holes that are medium in difficulty. There are also three bunkers that require precise shots. It also includes two water towers that require accurate shots to avoid colliding with them.

Accessibility – Indian River preserve golf club is conveniently located near several amenities. A short drive from the beach allows you to access the course easily. If you do not want to play during bad weather conditions, you can always stay at the beach. You can also stay at the motel next to the Indian River to make your golfing experience less stressful.

Another reason why Indian River Golf Club is a good choice is the challenging layout. The river course is surrounded by trees that make it difficult to see the green during daytime. As a result, many players tend to play more shots from the roughs. When you play in this environment, you will need to be in top form to excel. Also, as most players tend to stay on the course during bad weather conditions, the greens become harder as the day wears on.

Amenities – If you are an avid golf player, then you probably know about the many luxuries offered at luxury golf clubs. Indian River preserve has a clubhouse that offers a bar and television. Apart from this, you will also find several restaurants that offer delicious food. There are also two swimming pools and two lush green areas for you to play on. When you stay at the luxury hotel, you will get a private club room that will allow you to play longer golf courses.

Price Range – You will not find any discount in playing on this course. The course amenities are quite expensive, but that does not mean that the prices will stay low for long. The luxuries offered here are quite high, but the game of golf is one that can be played on even a tight budget. As long as you stay at a good hotel, you will not have to spend too much money on staying here.

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