Frio Country Resort near Concan

Frio Country Resort, located in Grantsville, MT is owned and operated by Ketchum-based Adventure Travel America. The resort’s location provides easy access to many mountain ranges as well as beautiful valleys and deep rhododendron forests. Located on the south Fork of the Frio River in Ketchum, Montana, Adventure Travel America has been serving guests for over forty years. They pride themselves on offering first-class service and affordable prices. The company offers many different types of accommodations including, cabins, houses, condos, and vacation rentals.

Frio Country Resort is conveniently located on thirty + acres in the Frio River at Kenneth Arthur Crossing. They offer a wide variety of accommodations including, cabins, condos, vacation homes, and RVs. For your travel needs, they have a full staff of friendly, knowledgeable, and qualified professionals to assist you in planning your trip and ensuring that you are satisfied with their services and products. They also offer a full list of activities and events in the area, as well as information regarding local attractions.

If you need an easy way to reach your cabin on the river, the riverfront walks are the place to go. You will pass historic cabins on the trail that share their architecture with former Frio residents and contractors. These walking trails lead you past picnic tables, historical markers, nature preserves, and riverbank habitats. The flora and fauna will take your breath away as you witness the wonders of Montana’s rich ecological diversity.

Many of the accommodations at Frio Country Resort are modern in design with comfortable, contemporary furnishings. All rooms are complete with modern appliances and cable TV. The house pasture offers a variety of activities for families including boating, hiking, nature watching, swimming, tennis, or fishing. If you prefer to spend your evenings out, the lodge is also available for hosting weddings, cocktail receptions, and intimate dinners. All of these activities can be completed while enjoying the beautiful scenery that is found within the boundaries of the frio country.

Many of the cabins on the river have spectacular views. You can take in the natural beauty that surrounds the town of Frio or float down the river with your boat. If you would prefer to experience the outdoors from within, you may stay aboard the guest cabin’s private dock. You will find beautiful cabins secluded by lush forestation, surrounded by Riverside gardens and landscape.

There is a fantastic golf course right on the premises of the Frio Country Resort, and many of the guests who visit stay at the cabins to play golf. There is a second eighteen-hole golf course that is also located within the resort. The sun is lovely during the summer, and temperatures are comfortable during the winter months. The resort offers luxurious accommodations in their award winning guest cottages, and you will feel pampered when you stay at the gorgeous Sunflower Hotel.

The river road is lined with lush, manicured green lawn, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk to your luxurious guest cottages. You will find several restaurants in the vicinity, and many of the locals take pride in their appearance, as they own several businesses that they operate from their houses. In addition, many of the residents engage in wood carving or winery.

The Frio County Historical Society is the primary source for information regarding local history, and they welcome any visitors wishing to learn more about it. This society also offers information about other areas of interest in and around the area. The Frio County Visitors Bureau is another great way to get the most out of your trip, as they are able to offer lodging reservations at several hotels in the area. The attractions listed here are just some of the highlights that make Frio Country Resort an ideal choice for a retreat that you will always cherish.

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